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Alan Jackson’s “If Love Was a River” – What A Great Country Music Tune!

Here’s a beautiful Alan Jackson song from his album “What I Do.” This is his twelfth studio album that was released on September 7, 2004. It produced four singles for Jackson on the Hot Country Songs charts: “Too Much of a Good Thing” and “Monday Morning Church” both reached #5, while “The Talkin’ Song Repair Blues” and “USA Today” both reached #18. The Wrights, a duo composed of Adam and Shannon Wright, are featured as background vocalists of this song “If Love Was a River,” which they also co-wrote. Enjoy!

About Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson was born in the small town of Newnan, Georgia, on October 17, 1958. He grew up singing gospel music, both in church and at home with his family, and as a teenager he performed locally as part of a country duo. He left school to work and married his high-school sweetheart, Denise, who worked as an airline stewardess. In 1989, Jackson became the first artist signed to Arista’s new country division. Jackson’s debut album, Here in the Real World, was issued in 1990 and became a platinum-selling hit on the strength of four Top Five hits: the title cut, “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow,” “Wanted,” and the first of many chart-toppers, “I’d Love You All Over Again.” He shot to full-fledged superstardom with the follow-up, 1991’s Don’t Rock the Jukebox, whose title track was an inescapable number one smash that year.

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If Love Was a River Lyrics

If love was a river
And I was a drowning man
Would you get in the water
Would you lend me a hand
If love was a river
Would you sit on the land

If love was a mountain
High above this town
Would you climb to the top
Would you never look down
If love was a mountain
Would you go around

Love may only knock so many times upon your door
And heaven only knows if it will come back anymore

If love was a firefly
Sitting in your hand
Would you laugh when it twinkled
Let it go again
If love was a firefly
Would you understand

If love was a party
With everyone you know
Would you dance if I asked you
Would you smile and say no
If love was a party
Would you even go

Love may only knock so many times upon your door
And heaven only knows if it will come back anymore

If love was a fast train on a one-way track
Would you turn in your ticket
Would you never look back
If love was a fast train
Would you even pack?

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Adam Wright / Shannon Wright

If Love Was a River lyrics © Concord Music Publishing LLC

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  1. Rosaleen

    Great song so appropriate for everyone who is taking love for granted please think, it’s like being in a crowded place and never seeing that one face ever again we are all unique and so is your love for that special person thank you Alan for so many lovely songs.Country music has been such a support since I was young and unable to express emotions I met my husband when we were very young he had just lost his only parent his father, they both lived in the USA New York to be precise so you can imagine the the great times we had plus five children .Sadly Patrick passed away in 1995 I have had a great life and wouldn’t have changed for anything .

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