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Awesome Country Duet: George Strait & Alan Jackson “Amarillo By Morning” – Live in Concert

This is an awesome duet of two icons of Country Music! “King of Country Music” George Strait and the “Legendary Country Singer” Alan Jackson surprised the audience with this fantastic performance of a George Strait’s classic song “Amarillo By Morning.” This video was filmed at The Cowboy Rides Away Live Concert of George Strait. Enjoy and please share using the buttons below.

About Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson was born in the small town of Newnan, Georgia, on October 17, 1958. Alan Grew up singing gospel music, both in church and at home with his family. As a teenager he performed locally as part of a country duo. He left school to work and married his high-school sweetheart, Denise, who worked as an airline stewardess. In 1989, Jackson became the first artist signed to Arista’s new country division. Jackson’s debut album, Here in the Real World, was issued in 1990 and became a platinum-selling hit on the strength of four Top Five hits: the title cut, “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow,” “Wanted,” and the first of many chart-toppers, “I’d Love You All Over Again.” He shot to full-fledged superstardom with the follow-up, 1991’s Don’t Rock the Jukebox, whose title track was an inescapable number one smash that year.

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Amarillo by Morning Lyrics

George Strait

Amarillo by mornin’
Up from San Antone
Everything that I got
Is just what I’ve got on

When that Sun is high
In that Texas sky
I’ll be buckin’ at the county fair
Amarillo by mornin’
Amarillo I’ll be there

They took my saddle in Houston
Broke my leg in Santa Fe
Lost my wife and a girlfriend
Somewhere along the way

But I’ll be lookin’ for eight
When they pull that gate
And I hope that
Judge ain’t blind
Amarillo by mornin’

Amarillo’s on my mind

Amarillo by mornin’
Up from San Antone
Everything that I got
Is just what I’ve got on

I ain’t got a dime
But what I’ve got is mine
I ain’t rich
But Lord, I’m free

Amarillo by mornin’
Amarillo’s where I’ll be
Amarillo by mornin’
Amarillo’s where I’ll be

Source: Musixmatch Songwriters: P. Fraser / T. Stafford

Amarillo by Morning lyrics © Cotillion Music Inc., Terry Stafford Music


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  1. Best song and singers ❗️Love hearing them sing ❗️♥️♥️🤗🎶🎤👏

    • Phyllis

      Two awesome guys. GREAT Country singers and songs. Love them both

    • Thank you. So much. For. Being. My friend. Love. You. You. Are. My. Favorite.

  2. Judy Rogers

    Best 2 Country singers and song “Amarillo “ By George Strait and Alan Jackson ❗️Love hearing them sing this ‼️♥️👏👏♥️👏👏

  3. Love these 2 country singers ❗️♥️🙏♥️🙏🤗🤗

  4. Marilyn Barker Adams

    I love you George
    You are the greatest miss seeing you sing and rope and wish i was golfing with you miss tapitio and jp

    • Kathey Irvin


  5. Two of the best country singers left with us god bless you and your families

  6. Vickie Campbell

    Absolutely Love ❤️ the Two of them, Point! Blank! Period!!! From Vickie 😀.

  7. Janelle Haley

    Both are great singers and I have enjoyed hearing them for many years . First heard George when I was living in Texas in the 60’s. Ended up back home in Oklahoma in the late 70’s and have heard him in Tulsa every time he hit the stage there.

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