Enjoy this classic Conway Twitty Country song “Goodbye Time.” It was released in February 1988 as the first single from Twitty’s album “Still in Your Dreams.” The song reached number 7 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Conway is such a versatile performer! Enjoy!!!

About Conway Twitty

Conway Twitty was born Harold Lloyd Jenkins. He was an American country music singer. He was fairly famous for his works in the rock, rock and roll, pop, and R&B genres as well. Conway is well-loved for his evergreen duets with the legendary country music singer Loretta Lynn. He won a total of five Academy of Country Music awards and four Country Music Association awards. Conway produced some of the most iconic country music songs with Loretta Lynn with twelve of their duets making it to the Billboard’s hot country singles chart. His popular tracks include: ‘After the Fire is Gone’, ‘As Soon as I Hang Up the Phone’, ‘Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man’, ‘Feelins’, ‘Hello Darlin’, ‘It’s Only Make Believe’, ‘Crazy in Love’, and ‘Desperado Love’. He is considered among the greatest country singers of all time with approximately 50 singles on the country and rock charts.

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Goodbye Time Lyrics

It’s your life, you say you need a change
Don’t all the dreams we’ve seen come true mean anything?
You say it’s different now and you keep staring at the door
How can you walk away? Don’t I matter anymore?

If being free is worth what you leave behind
And if it’s too late for love to change your mind
Then it’s goodbye time

If we had known our love would come to this
We could have saved our hearts the hurt of wasted years
Well, it’s been fun, what else can I say?
If the feelings gone, words won’t stop you anyway

If being free is worth what you leave behind
And if it’s too late for love to change your mind
Then it’s goodbye time

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Roger Murrah / James Dean Hicks

Goodbye Time lyrics © Sony/atv Acuff Rose Music

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