Willie Nelson Sings “Family Bible” – Live (1999)

Willie Nelson performed his song “Family Bible” live with some great country singers. He began writing this song in 1957. His inspiration for the song came from his grandmother, Nancy Elizabeth Smothers, who would sing “Rock of Ages” and read from the Bible after supper.

Willie Nelson is a country music icon. A unique and versatile artist, his innovative songwriting has resulted in No. 1 hits for dozens of artists – including more than twenty for himself – and a recorded output that is “so vast,” music journalist Bob Allen writes, “as to confound all but the most dedicated discographers.”

Willie Nelson’s awards are numerous, including 11 CMAs, 12 GRAMMYs, and 6 ACMs. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1993, received the GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award in 1999, and won the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize in 2015. In 2003, CMT placed him at No. 4 among the “Greatest Men of Country.” And, in 2008, his distinctive vocal style – once considered a deficit – earned him the No. 88 spot on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of 100 Greatest Singers of All Time.

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Willie Nelson Family Bible

Family Bible Lyrics

There’s a family Bible on the table
Each page is worn and hard to read
But the family Bible on the table
Will ever be my key to memories

At the end of day when work was over
And when the evenin’ meal was done
Dad would read to us from the family Bible
And we’d count our many blessings, one by one

I can see us sittin’ round the table
When from the family Bible dad would read
I can hear my mother softly singing
Rock of ages
Rock of ages cleft for me

Now this old world
Of ours is filled with troubles
This old world would also better be
If we’d found more Bibles on the tables
And mothers singin’ rock of ages, cleft for me

I can see us sittin’ round the table
When from the family Bible dad would read
And I can hear my mother softly singin’
Rock of ages
Rock of ages cleft for me

Rock of ages
Rock of ages cleft for me

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