Thank you for visiting this website. It’s an honor to share with you my collection of country music that I like. I am lover of country music. I thought of creating a website to collect all the songs that I wanted to share to anyone who might want to listen to country music.

There are so many country music singers that I follow. But most of all, I would love the legends and country greats from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Probably because of the traditional tune of country music. I must adjust to some of the modern country soon but at this point, I would be posting and blogging about what I like most.

Kindly interact by sharing the links, posting your comments, and if you have a great country song to share, please feel free to comment and will post it in this website. I treasure your suggestions and recommendations. I would be pleased also if you could share it to your Facebook friends and other social networking sites.

I live in Sydney, Australia in my 40s. This is a hobby for me. I hope you will find value in it.

Keepin’ it Country!!!


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